Lancaster, done and dusted.

  • 23rd January 2020
January 23, 2020

Back in the studio once again after a successful trip to the UK.

After the exhibition we did a road trip to several areas of particular interest for future paintings. These ancient villages never cease to amaze and delight my artistic senses. I have returned with hundreds of photos to sift through, which does mean days and days of searching, pondering and choosing. We visited and photographed Windsor, London, Lancaster, Bowness, Oxford, Cirencester, Winchester, Chichester, Cardiff, Cowbridge, Wells, Exmouth to mention the main ones.

As always, the tricky part is where to start on return home so I’ve decided to clean up the last pieces I was working on before leaving. There were several in their “finished”stage, awaiting time to dry and have their final tweaks. This is actually my favourite part, where I turn a painting from something OK to something I love and am proud of.