Spring in Oxford, UK.

  • 8th May 2021

What a ride we have been on! Arriving in the UK one day before increased restrictions followed straight after with lockdown, which we have been in until a few weeks ago. It's funny how it affects people, being forced to keep away from each other and stay at home. I love being home but after 5 months it was seriously getting to me. I thought it would be a perfect chance to sort out my business, spend loads of time in the studio and be very productive but there were so many days where I just couldn't focus. I have managed to get some work out there but it certainly hasn't been what I expected.

However, last month I won two awards for some work in International juried online competitions, was accepted into Camelback's online gallery for a year starting with a Featured Artist spread and today was the opening on a group exhibition I'm in for Oxfordshire Artweeks. Things are happening.