Craft in Focus, here we come!

  • 7th October 2021

My goodness it's October already! My monthly blog has deteriorated before it even started. Thank goodness I hadn't committed to a weekly Blog or I would be wallowing in self doubt and failure. As it is....acceptance of how busy and irregular my life is. 

I have been out and about taking snaps of this gorgeous country as it displays its glory of Spring and Summer, and now the autumn changes are starting. We have been here almost a year, which has flown past with the craziness of COVID19, and we are still in love with all we see. Life is different to anything we expected but my Polyanna side embraces whatever comes, being determined to always see the joy. 

There are 8 new paintings on the way now, hopefully to be ready for my first showing with Craft in Focus at Crowthorne on October 29-31st. The image here is a sneak preview.